1. On average, 1,260 cars use Bruce Bishop Car Park every day.  Usage is up 23% since the tram started operating in 2014 (at this time the average usage was 1,020 cars per day).
    Source: GCCC Budget papers 2017 – 2018
  2. Bruce Bishop Car Park reaches full or near full capacity during holidays and special events.  Photos don’t lie.
  3. The tram carries only 22,000 passengers per day, not the 50,000 initially predicted by the business case, nor the 25,000 per day claimed by the Mayor. The average number on a tram at any time is 30-35 passengers.
    Source:  Goldlinq & Department of Transport
  4. The tram passengers are coming off buses, not out of cars.
    Source: Transport Analyst Eric Keys, Centre for Urban Research, RMIT University, Melbourne & Australian Transport Research Forum Incorporated
  5. On 48 random occasions between 3 and 30 June, vacancy numbers displayed on the Car Park’s electronic signs were logged.  On 66% of the occasions, there were less than 900 vacant spaces.  If 900 spaces are taken away as proposed by GCCC, the car park would have been full two thirds of the time.
  6. Just under 1,000 car parks were lost along the Stage 1 tram corridor. Over 450 of these were lost from Surfers Paradise during the construction of the Light Rail.  On completion of the construction, 210 car parks were returned in Cypress Avenue. However the net effect of the tram construction was loss of 240 street car parks in Surfers Paradise.
  7. Bruce Bishop Car Park makes a net profit of just under $800k per annum. It could make more if improvements were made to the way it was run and marketed as a commercial business.
    Source: GCCC Special Budget Committee Meeting Minutes Monday 30 January 2017 – Attachment 2 Page: 48 of 130
  8. Even though there is capital expenditure needed for repairs in the lower level (after years of obvious neglect), the car park has been maintained at an “asset condition rating of 3 or higher” which, according to Budget papers, meets relevant safety standards.

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