Tell the City of Gold Coast council NOT TO SELL Bruce Bishop Car Park! Together we can save Surfers Paradise! Together we can make a difference!

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Surfers Paradise is a hub of diverse business and entrepreneurial activity that extends far beyond tourism and a key driver in the Gold Coast economy. Conveniently located and competitively priced parking is essential to support all businesses, by providing parking for customers, clients and staff, as well as tourists and local visitors.

The Gold Coast City Council decision to sell the Transit Centre and the Bruce Bishop Car Park means:

  • The loss of all 1,640 car parks for at least 3 years whilst the site is redeveloped
  • The permanent loss of at least 900 car parks after the site is redeveloped
  • The loss of cheap, convenient parking for your staff, clients, customers and visitors, currently a maximum of $2.60 an hour or $9 per day for casual users, but as little as $3.60 per day for permanent parkers
  • The future parking will be privately operated and charge commercial rates, currently a minimum of $11 per hour, but click here to see how prices may rise in the future. Will your staff, customers and clients pay this?
  • The closure of the successful cafes and other business located in the Transit Centre
  • The demise of your own business? The devaluation of your property?

We have formed a legal action group to instigate a legal challenge to this disastrous decision.

We need you to join Save Surfers Paradise Inc. and help us fight to save our car park. Sign up now!


Save Bruce Bishop Car Park

We want to stop the Gold Coast City Council from selling the Transit Centre and the Bruce Bishop Car Park.

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